Are you finding the best radiological dosimetry service in Spain?

The dosimetry is a measurement of dosage or amount of radiation absorbed by the living organism or any substance with the help of dosimeter. It is frequently used to supervise personnel working with the patients receiving radiotherapy or the radioactive materials. The absorbed dose is the technical name for the dosage of radiation. It is basically the amount of radiation energy which is deposited in the human tissue separated by the mass of tissue. It can be easily determined and treated in the centro de dosimetria especializado found in Spain.

Importance of radiation dosimetry:

Absorbed dosage of the radiation in any industry actually determines the extent to which the normal tissues and tumors are affected by a particular radiation. If the higher amount of radiation absorbed by the tumors, the more amounts of cells will be killed by this dose. If the normal tissues are absorbing this higher amount of radiation, it will definitely give the severe and undesirable toxic side effects to the workers in that particular industry. The most significant benefit of the radiopharmaceutical therapy is its ability to irradiate and also efficiently treat the tumors throughout the human body.

At the same time, some irradiation of the usual organs is generally unavoidable. The major role of this radiation dosimetry in this kind of therapeutic treatment is to specifically determine for each patient and determine the disease of the patient while avoiding some absorbed doses which can damage the normal tissues. When it comes to the individualized radiation dosimetry, it is critical for planning the safest and highly effective targeted radionuclide therapy for every patient.

centro de dosimetria especializado

Center for radiological dosimetry:

  • If the individuals are looking for the best, reliable, and centro de dosimetria especializado in Spain, SDPE TECNODOSIS is the best choice to everyone.
  • It is a leading SDPE (External Personal Dosimetry Service) which is 100 % authorized by CSN (Nuclear Safety Council) since the year 2013. It is also regularly audited by the same CSN itself.
  • This company actually offers the best range of radiological surveillance to the employees who are all highly exposed to ionizing radiation.
  • Its main purpose is to confirm that their work is carried out in the suitable conditions and that the limits of radiation dosage established by the legislation are not exceeded.
  • At SDPE TECNODOSIS, there is a team of experts available to always provide you high quality service in the external personal dosimetry of workers field.
  • They always guarantee their clients continuous and personal advice on all stuffs related to the personal dosimetry.
  • They also wish to be recognized within their sector activity as the firm which maintains the lasting and stable relationships with their customers by meeting their expectations and needs.

They often provide the various types of dosimetry such as,

  • Individual dosimetry

It allows monthly estimation of the equivalent superficial and deep dose which a professionally exposed employee receives.

  • Occupational dosimetry

It probably lets estimating the doses in the particular jobs or area.