earn bitcoin

It is becoming popular:

          It has been noticed since the past few years that there is an increase in the number of people who want to build their own collection of crypto currencies. There are quite a few crypto currencies in use but the most sought after one is the bitcoin. The method of payment and transaction using this crypto currency is different and there are no banks involved in the business. It is shared and exchanged between people who are a part of the network of those who use it. They are the block chain which has its own ledger. The bitcoin ledger too is different as it is a common property of those who use the bitcoin. Now there are many individuals who are interested in making bitcoins and the follow certain way to earn bitcoin and they are carried out online.

How is it different?

          Dealing in crypto currency differs entirely from the regular currency or the fiat currency in many ways. The bitcoin transaction is carried out within the block chain and it is kept very private. The exchange is noted down in the digital ledger online as it is in the case of the email. The bitcoin exchange and transaction is done the way the applications are used and no monitoring is done here unlike the banks that are regulated by the respective governments.

Different ways:

          There are many ways how you can earn bitcoin and it uses the known ways and the unknown ways. They include the paid advertisement clicking which you have to click on the advertisement several thousand times in order to make a small amount. There is the bitcoin faucet method which requires some investment to build a new website and then use it to trade the bitcoins and there are other methods and to know more just click on the link given above.