Different Ways to Use Ornamental Gravel

garden design

If you are looking to add character to your dull garden, then siergrind kopen is the best option for you. It is available in different colors and sizes, thus you will get what you want. Because it is made from river stones that generally come from rivers and streams, it will not cost you much money! Here are a few ways you can use ornamental gravel in the garden:

Modern garden fountains

If you want to add modern touch to your garden, consider adding ornamental gravel. A garden fountain is an attractive way to create a focal point in your yard and add some color and life. To set up a fountain for maximum effect, choose the type of pump that will work best with the design of your particular water feature.

garden design

Make from river stones

If you live near a river, you can use the stones to make your own decorative gravel. Sifting through the large rocks with a sieve is one way to remove them from the water. A mortar and pestle will crush them into smaller pieces, which are then ready for use as ornamental gravel. To prevent weeds from growing in your newly made decorative stone garden, apply a sealant before planting seeds or seedlings in it.

Pathway to walk

When you’re ready to add some natural beauty and texture to your garden, try using ornamental gravel as a pathway. The best part about this method is that it can be used anywhere in the yard. If you want your garden to look more natural, consider using a plain path of grass or wooden slats instead of concrete or stone pavers. This will allow for more room for plants as well as give them somewhere comfortable to walk on barefoot—a key feature if you’ve got pets!