Documents to check-in used car

There are many cars which get sold in the world daily. They can be both used cars and new cars. The checks list of the used car is a little bigger than the new car. When you buy a used car the common question which comes up is what type of documents is required? You can buy a used car directly from the owner or a company likeĀ used cars in Montclair. It is advised that you take all the important documents from them so that you can avoid the problems.

  • Registration certificate: This is the most important document it gives you information like registration number, cheese number, owner name, engine number and many are details. If you are buying an older car it will have an RC book and if it is a recent car then an RC card.
  • If there is any change done in the engine or color it should be updated the registration certificate. If the car has the facility to fit the CNG, then it should be mentioned on RC and insurance papers.
  • You should make sure that you check if there were any other owners for it and also check in which state the car was registered if you want to drive in any other state then you need to register in that state only.
  • Car insurance papers: It is mandatory that each car has one insurance policy and it is very easy to transfer the current insurance to the new owner of the car.

  • Through insurance papers, you can know the complete claim history of the car. If there is any claim history then the car has been met with an accident. If you want you can get a new insurance policy in your name. You can also transfer your old insurance to the new car.
  • The other important documents are the original purchase bill, road tax bill, car service book, pollution certificate, and if any loan then loan papers. You can also ask for warranty papers, owner manual that is given by the manufacture when a new car is purchased.


Hope now you are clear on all documents you need to take from the dealer while buying the used car.