How to Thoroughly Inspect Used Car

The careful evaluation can help you to stay clear of any kind of hidden problems finding the trouble-free second-hand vehicle has got nothing with luck. It is all about applying proper research & investigative skills to find the best used cars in el cajon. Learning how to spot problems & determining how much reliable the used car is will save you from the expensive car headaches later on. Following are some piece of advice that will help you find the better value when it comes to used cars.

Checking the Car Engine

The car engine is a heart of any vehicle, and whereas they had to go with huge wear & tear, number of components and tight tolerances that they function under maintenance is very important.  Thus, first you have to properly inspect the car engine.

Inspect Car Carefully

Rain on the paintwork will hide plenty of things, as can streetlamps and torchlight, hence make sure you try to look at the cars in very good weather condition, and inspect this in the daylight. Take a little time to look on each panel, and trim surfaces inside. The older cars are generally bound to have odd scuff, hence it is highly important to ensure all switchgear & accessories work properly.

Check Out When Buying Used Cars


Checking oil is the normal car maintenance & must not be forgotten during your buying process. Make sure dipstick reading is on a correct level & oil isn’t discolored and wrong consistency. When you are there, look for the general dirt & grime covering connectors, since this can highlight the poorly maintained and serviced car.

Exhaust Smoke Colours

First switch on the car engine & walk towards the back of a car. Puff of smoke while starting a car engine isn’t much serious, however you need to watch exhaust for some minutes as it is sure sign of problem if it stays.  Blue smoke means that car engine is burning out oil. It means oil is getting in the cylinders. This can indicate the blown head gasket and problems with internal engine seals. In any case, bills can be significant.

Find Right Financing Options

If you have good amount of cash and want to pay cash, then you may skip this section. But, if you are like most of the used car buyers, then you will need a car loan that will help you pay for the used vehicle.