Professional door repair by handyman in my area in St. Petersburg

They provide internal and external door repair service to the house and office. Performing door direction, replacing hinges and handles and locks for doors that are not working correctly. They specialized in providing a thorough response and repair to any malfunction in the doors.

Door Shortcut

Shortening a wooden door is not necessarily the result of a malfunction. Sometimes trimming a door is the preferred solution when there is a glitch in the door, and it sinks. It is possible to shorten the door instead of replacing hinges when these loosen; however, this repair does not solve the fundamental problem. Other cases in which a proactive door shortening should be performed are when there is a height difference between the original floor height of the door due to the movement of the floor or lintel—typical condition for mostly detached old houses.

Shortening door when installing wall-to-wall carpet

In most cases, there is a gap between the door and the base of the floor inside the house, so when the carpet cladding is renewed, a situation may arise in which the new carpet is slightly higher than the previous carpet. When the door is mounted after installing the new rug, it can be used, and it works properly but not necessarily over time. A typical glitch is that there is still friction between the door and the new carpet that may damage both the door and the carpet.

It is important to note that the repair of entrance doors is a little more complex. Shortening a front door can be done depending on the material from which the entry is made. Contact searching handyman in my area in St. Petersburg for advice, and offers to shorten a door at a fair price and order door repairs to the house and office.