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We have provided you with all the information you need to register a company in India in this article. Since India company incorporation has simplified over the past few years, you can also implement our hk company formation services. Its comprehensive business solution packages can streamline your India Private Limited Company registration process. 3E Accounting has a well-organized and comprehensive tax and financial system, as well as a legal structure that is friendly to businesses.

In addition, the procedure for registering a business or private limited company has been streamlined by allowing registration through the Internet, which includes registering a wholly owned subsidiary company formation services. The state-specific laws have been replaced with a single central law, which streamlines the administrative procedure. The Registrar of Companies (ROC), an agency within the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India, now oversees the process of registering companies.

It provides limited liability to its owners and shareholders, who are responsible only up to the amount of their investment in the company. A private limited company is an unincorporated business that has its own legal personality. Incorporate your business once you prepare for the process. If everything is in order, the process can be completed within seven days if everything is in order. The process is fast, easy, and cost-effective for the locals and foreigners alike.

Neither NRIs nor foreigners are permitted to buy equity stakes in a private limited company. Moreover, to start a business in India, you must obtain a licence, register, and file a tax return. Obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is the first requirement for registering your business with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. A DSC is an encrypted key which a person can use to sign documents digitally.