First grooming: what to look for

A dog is like a small child, for whom the presence of a loved one is the optimal habitat. What happens to a pet when it finds itself in an unfamiliar environment, among unfamiliar faces? He behaves strangely and may show fear or aggression. A pet experiences the same sensations when it goes for its first haircut. Therefore, this is an exciting moment not only for the owners but also for the animal itself.

It is difficult to prepare, and give instructions to the dog before the first Pet grooming Miramar, but it is quite possible to do something that will simplify the trip and the procedure. Hiring the pet grooming Pembroke Pines is important.

Location matters

The venue matters. It is recommended to opt for a specialized salon, as the workplace is properly equipped there. Present:

  • table;
  • the right tools at hand;
  • proper sanitary conditions.

Choosing a Groomer

Choosing a groomer is an important step in the first haircut, and it must be right. The first impression of the procedure is important, it will remain for all subsequent manipulations. If the dog does not like the master, then during subsequent haircuts, even if there is already another groomer, it will be difficult to perform the procedure.

It is recommended to contact the best grooming salon, where qualified specialists with many years of experience work.After choosing a place, study the services and prices of the pet salon, determine what is included in the processing, and what services are additional.


Of great importance is what cosmetics and which manufacturer the Pet grooming Miramar prefers to use. The first grooming should begin with familiarization with the band and composition. If the animal shows a negative reaction to the cosmetic product, irritation occurs, and hair begins to crumble, then you will know that it is better not to use them in the future.


Even if you have never brought a pet to a groomer, you may have wishes that are important for the master to take into account. This may be the length of the coat after shearing, styling, or features of the haircut. At the first grooming, the assembly needs to discuss these points. Ask questions, and follow the recommendations of the master.