The bitcoin:

          The bitcoinis a crypto currency which was used by a few people all over the world. This is npt a common currency and it differs from the regular currency by way of its transaction and it lack of physical structure, this is available as a code or a password which is embedded in the block chain and the crypto currency was invented in the year 2009. Even since there are people getting to know about it and also many have started to use it. It requires that you become a member of the network before you can start dealing in it or transacting in it. It is also essential to know the price of bitcoin so that you will be able to understand how it operates and what its current value is.

How it operates:

          You can start dealing in the bitcoin after understanding a few basic things about how it operates. There are no middle men in this case as the concept of a bank is completely rules out. It operates as one to one transaction or a peer to peer transaction and the record is kept for all the transactions that take place using the bitcoin. The piece of the bitconin is very fluctuating ever since it came into being.

All time high:

          The price of bitcoin rose very high in the year 2019 to 2020 financial year where you and see that it has risen to about 13,000 USD. The way it operate sis very easy and it is very economical as there are no commission to be given to the middle men and here it is the banker who is completely avoided .you can also start earning some bitcoins online by getting to know about the latest details.