How To Avoid Buying Damaged Used Cars

used cars in chandler

Buying a used car is usually better than buying a new one. However, not all used cars are created equal. There are many things that you need to know about the used cars in chandler before you decide to buy it. Do your research and find out if the previous owner has any history of major problems with the vehicle or has taken any parts off in order to increase resale value which is illegal in some states.

The following list outlines steps that can be taken by new car owners to avoid purchasing an unknowingly damaged vehicle.

  1. Do a visual inspection of the used car. Examine the exterior of the vehicle for visible damage, especially in the front and/or rear bumpers. Read any “car fax” reports on all accidents that have been reported for your desired model and year. Ensure that you look at both sides of vehicles when inspecting them, as some accidents are not reported to insurance companies.

used cars in chandler

  1. Try to avoid purchasing used cars with aftermarket parts or upgrades on them (ex: air intake, stickers, and graphics). These parts tend to be added on by people who realize that the value of their car will go up if they remove or add parts to it. However, it is not uncommon for incidents to occur on these vehicles and your insurance policy will not cover the damages caused by these parts.
  1. The problems and actual cost of the vehicle usually start with the car fax report you receive before you even drive off the lot. Almost every accident report that is sent out by a car inspection center has a code associated with it which means that it was sent for more than one reason (check engine light, oil leak, etc.) In order to avoid potential problems with your vehicle’s performance or safety, make sure you get a report from an independent body shop rather than from a dealer. This can also be done online via sites like Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book.
  1. Take the car out for a test drive before you purchase it. This is often an overlooked step in purchasing a used vehicle and should definitely be taken into consideration. Ask to take the car with you to your mechanic if you wish, as well as any other shops that may be used to working on your model. If you notice certain issues on the vehicle or there is something wrong with it during your test drive, make sure that this is documented in writing with the selling dealer before taking possession of the vehicle.