How to make lash extensions look more natural?

how to make lash extensions look more natural

When it comes to lashes, the beauty industry has occupied with lots of items such as heated curlers, miracle growth serums and magnifying mascaras. In recent days, the eyelash extensions have gotten more famous among several women. Basically, there are three major kinds of eyelash extensions available such as silk, synthetic and mink. Its available sizes are ranged from 6mm to 17mm. once you choose the one you wish for and it was simply applied one with the originate semi-permanent glue. These do not even annoy your eye or hurt the natural eyelashes. If you really want to know the secret on how to make lash extensions look more natural, you just want to take a look at the following recommendations for you:

  • One of the best choices of eyelash that is going to make your eyes appear most natural is mink eyelashes. In fact, people have diverse options while selecting extensions, but the most natural effect could be gotten via this eyelash. It also has light and feathery appearance.
  • The extensions of eyelash can last over a correct eyelash growth cycle of six to eight weeks. Everyone has unique growth pattern. That is why; you are recommended to have a touch up once per month.
  • Also, every extension is knotted to each natural eyelash. If it falls out, you have to perform the extensions. That is why; the touch ups are more essential.
  • To maintain your eyelashes great, you must prevent using water for 24 hours, after the application as well as touch up.