Looking to get best teeth whitening procedures

Teeth whitening is the procedure which is usually done in order to enhance the smile as well as aesthetics of the person .for that many people spend lots of money and they don’t know the exact cause for staining of the teeth which is very essential to be known

 In order to know the etiology of the cause then you should visit the website bedok dental clinic  where they provide you the exact reason for staining of teeth, first of all the stains are divided into extrinsic stains and as well ass intrinsic stains. The main reason for the cause of extrinsic change is either having coffee, tea, any kind of other beverages and also having turmeric in large quantities

 The reason for intrinsic stains is either by fluorosis or if you have any kind of animal defects such as genetic defects which is the main reason for cause of internal stains and one more reason is if there is any kind of internal resorption within the tooth the tooth turns into pink color

 This external factors can be remove very easily and also by the removal of external factors such as calculus or any beverage stains They will be remove immediately and also you will have symptomatic relief in that area and immediately tooth whitening occurs if there is internal strains they cannot be removed easily and for that you should replace each and every tooth with either veneers or dental crowns