Pain-free Scarless Eye-bag Removal With Micro Needle Technique

scarless eye bag removal

Eyebags catch the sight pretty and seem to distort the facial features. Therefore, they are despised and deemed to be cured through cosmetic products or surgeries. The major reason for eye-bag formation is ageing that deposits the fats under the eye to support its weight. Though productive in a sense, their existence seems unsuitable feature giving out a puffy look to the eyes. Safe surgical processes are available forĀ scarless eye bag removal using the latest technology that is a job done at a quick pace.

What Is The Treatment Like?

Eye-bag removal is often thought to eradicate the fatty pouch that may create a mark on the face. In contrast, the latest treatment includes:

  • Radio-frequency waves of minimum variations are used in micro-needling to go through the skin and burn the fats.
  • The needle precisely controls the heat radiations, and the molten fat is immersed in the body. The fine 27-gauge needle is inserted through the side of the eye bag to target the fat.
  • Painless treatment with prior anaesthesia injections. The recovery and complete removal are expected in two weeks post-treatment.
  • Scarless eye bag removalĀ can lead to locational swelling and minor treatment bruises for which creams are prescribed for immediate relief.
  • Additionally, the saggy skin left beneath the eyes is tightened with Fotona laser in subsequent sessions post the complete recovery.

Bloodless and requiring no tough operation, the process of needle treatment is the least painful and best to opt for. In addition, the RF treatment is widely verified for safety and adopted under medical terms.