Pet professional grooming and Mobile pet grooming Fort Lauderdale

Listed below are the various types of services included in the grooming-

  • Dog full bath – Bathing the pet using shampoo and conditioner then drying and combing the hair and clipping and trimming the nails, brushing the teeth of the dog, anal gland expression, sanitary cleaning, cleaning of ears and eyes and some finishing touches are included in full dog bath.
  • Dog bath and haircut- Everything that is included in full dog bath is included here and plus full body haircut is included that means removal of excess or loose hair of your pet.
  • Cat bath and haircut- Full body haircut, kitten bath that is specially arranged for small cats/kittens, combing of hair, clipping and/or trimming of nails, teeth brushing of the cat, anal gland expression, sanitary cleanliness and cleaning of ear and eyes and special finishing touches in the end are included in cat bath and haircut.

  • Treatment for cats and dogs – Different types of treatment is available for cats and dogs in order to protect them from different kinds of infection or insects and dirt like flea and tick, de shedding to remove excess hair that may cause discomfort to your pet or maybe all over tue place at your house, special shampoos according to the need of your pet and many other treatments.
  • Regular teeth brushing- Just like humans, our pets need regular cleaning of their dental area to and many packages of the grooming service include regular teeth brushing.
  • Deep dental cleaning- The pets suffering from bad dental hygiene can use this treatment to have their dental hygiene back. This prevents infection and irritation.

Why should your hire Mobile pet grooming Fort Lauderdale

  • Your pet can enjoy the grooming services at their home
  • Your pet won’t see any other dog or cat if they are socially not open and they will be with their owners.
  • You can pick the shampoo you want for your pet.

These services are available in Fort Lauderdale.