The design is confirmed if the partial payment is received by the company

If you have confirmed the design of the wallpaper then you can purchase the goods but you should keep in mind that they are non-refundable. The additional handling fees should be paid if there are any changes in the design after the confirmation. The management should approve the installation or sealer services during the public holidays. If you want to reschedule your service for singapore wallpaper then you contact our customer support team. The delivery and installation date will be provided once if the partial payment is received and the design is confirmed. The quoted delivery times are considered as estimates and there will not be any liability for late delivery. There is no need to dismantle the fixtures or fragile objects under the charge of the employees. The safe workplace will be provided to the customers by our service team.

Defects in the products:

If there are any colour variations in the designs then they may not match with your wall covering. The company will ensure that the employees have the right to work in a safe and non-abusive environment. The inappropriate behaviour of the customers will not be patronised by the staff at singapore wallpaper. If there are any defects in the products then you should report to the company immediately.

You can ensure that there will not be any defects due to the colour variations. It is difficult to purchase the wall coverings which will not match with the colour variations. The service team should be provided with a safe workplace as it is the responsibility of the customers. The suitability of the product in any situation will depend on the site conditions. If you want to know any technical information about the products then you can get in touch with our support team.

Shifting the fragile objects:

The value of the products which are supplied by the company will not exceed their liability. The inappropriate or abusive behaviour of the customers will not be patronised by our staff. You should be very careful while shifting the furniture or the fragile objects from one place to another place. If the partial payment is received by the company then it will confirm the delivery and installation of the wallpaper in Singapore. The wide range of patterns is included in the interior films along with the textures and colours. The conventional wallpapers are completely different from the interior film wallpapers. The interior films are perfect for any environment as they are free from harmful chemicals.