Tips to maintain your beloved car

used cars in Salinas

Maintenance of the car is very important. It does not matter how much you use your car. As long as you have a car, you need to maintain your car regularly. If you use your car regularly, then it is strongly advised that your car is serviced every three months. However, it is not always necessary to go to the service center as you can perform the small checks on the car by yourself. Repair works need to be done in service centers but for maintenance work, your garage is sufficient if you are willing to maintain it. If you are in love with your car then you should follow some guidelines to maintain it. Here are some tips in which you can maintain the life of your used cars in Salinas for a longer period.

Oil Level

In order to avoid any problem with your car, you need to keep a constant check on your car’ oil level with the help of a paper towel. Before checking the level of oil in the car, you need to drive the engine for atleast 10 minutes. After that, turn off your car and open the hood. You will find a dipstick which you need to clean and insert it back into the oil chamber. You can then loosen the dipstick and consistently check the oil inside the dipstick. There is a mark in the dipstick which is the minimum level of oil to be maintained in the chamber. A constant oil level has to be maintained and the oil level should not fall lower the minimum oil level.

used cars in Salinas

Tire Inspection

Tires are an important element of cars. If there is any damage to any of the tires, the cars may stop working. Some of the common problems are wearing out, inflation or damaged. You can avoid such problems by regular check-up of the car and its tires. During the check-up, look at the pressure of the tires. If the over inflated, there are chances of the tire-bursting out and if the tires are under inflated, it would not provide the desired grip. During cold weathers, the pressure of the tires decreases abnormally. Also, check for the tears, rips, and depth of the threads in the tire. Without proper threading, the tire would not grip easily and might slide.


Maintenance isn’t a tough job, it is a regular job. If you could maintain your car with the tips we have mentioned then we are sure that your car is going to last ages without any problem. If while the inspection you find anything out of place, don’t wait for even a second, just have that fixed to avoid any casualties in the near future.